Special Privacy Reports

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  • Mail Service Programme

    Designed to give you complete secrecy, privacy and confidentiality, in the sending and receiving of mail. This report also offers the convenience of an alternate international business or private address or office location and many other advantages, benefits and privacy services.
    Order Code MSP. Price $ 9 USD
  • Vault Storage Programme

    This programme is designed to give you a safe haven outside the jurisdiction of your country to store valuables, letters, coins and other personal items in a safety deposit box in complete secrecy. There is a 24 hour electronic guard and police protection services.
    Order Code VSP. Price $ 12 USD
  • Foreign Corporation Programme

    Puts you in full control of your assets, and out of the jurisdiction of any Court, Federal Judge (The taxman) or other suit actions, either civil or criminal. The programme eliminates estate and probate taxes and has many more advantages. It will also create many new offshore income opportunities, which will not attract taxes. Many other benefits are outlined in this programme.
    Order Code FCP. Price $ 22 USD
  • Offshore Banking Secrets

    This 100 page guide reveals crucial inside banking information by a prominent offshore banker, who has transferred millions to offshore locations. Before you consider doing any business offshore there are vital items that you need to fully understand for the protection of your money. The secrecy laws of each country , and how they affect you are discussed in detail.
    Order Code FCP. Price $ 22 USD
  • Checking Account Programme

    Need an offshore current and other banking services, which offer complete privacy and secrecy? This programme offers just that. You will never be subject to Government audit or jurisdiction.
    Order Code CAP. Price $ 14 USD
  • Accounts Receivable Programme

    Shows you how to sell your receivables in such a way that you profit from both sides of the transaction. This is a very popular programme for small companies.
    Order Code ARP. Price $ 18 USD
  • Equipment Leasing Programme

    Tailored to give you a method to purchase and pay for certain furniture, equipment, vehicles etc. that you need. At the same time ensuring that all purchases are tax deductible against your income. Payments by you go directly to a "friendly" offshore company. You benefit on both sides of the transaction.
    Order Code ELP. Price $ 16 USD
  • Extradition Programme

    A must if you've really screwed up with the IRS in that you have willfully violated certain laws such as: (a) Failure to file a tax return. (b) Failure to pay over payroll money withheld. (c) Taking part in a conspiracy. (d) Aiding and abetting etc., to name a few charges. This programme can help you to avoid arrest, conviction and extradition and to live in safety with peace of mind and without further fear of any consequences. Our programmes are very safe and do not violate any laws that would cause you problems.
    Order Code EXT. Price $ 26 USD
  • Client Loan Programme

    This programme has been specially prepared to give individual or company tax deductible itemised interest expenses. It is also used for repatriating money from offshore to onshore legally and without income tax consequences. These loans can be used to do almost anything you wish to do. This very interesting programme has some unusual advantages and benefits.
    Order Code CLP. Price $ 18 USD
  • Consulting Service Programme

    Gives you a legitimate tax deductible expense by increasing expense deductions, thus reducing taxable income. You make additional profit from doing so.
    Order Code CSP. Price $ 17USD
  • Second Passport Programme

    A complete guide for the intelligent person, who understands the importance and benefits, of having a second passport. It can save you taxes, keep your identity confidential, give you better travel services and customs entry. It could save your life and allow you a way out of your country, should travel restrictions be imposed. This by the way is not as unlikely as you may think. It could allow you dual citizenship and permit you to live and work in another country. Many other benefits are explained fully.
    Order Code SPP. Price $ 35 USD
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  • Divorce Protection Programme

    Designed to plan for a divorce in advance and therefore protect your assets and investments. The programme also shows you how to make sure your business or professional practice is not affected. You can minimize the emotional pain and financial expense and loss associated with divorce. Most assets can be protected from Divorce/Family Court. This puts you in the position of deciding what is "right" and "fair" and what is not. Your assets wont be under the jurisdiction of the Court. This is a most interesting programme that affects almost 65% of married people today.
    Order Code DPP. Price $ 25 USD
  • Retire in Costa Rica

    This retirement programme is designed for those wanting to retire or live in beautiful, democratic and peaceful Costa Rica. Maybe you're just looking for somewhere to spend some quality time, a few months or longer. You can obtain a very lovely home, cover normal living expenses, employ a live in maid and afford hospitalization insurance for less than US$1000 per month. A fantastic bargain in today's climate.
    Order Code RIC. Price $ 16 USD
  • Pensionado / Rentista Programme

    For those that are seriously considering making an application for residency in Costa Rica. The programme outlines many important details that you must know about before making any final decisions and is worth many times it's cost.
    Order Code PEN. Price $ 17 USD
  • Real Estate Mortgage Programme

    Shows you how to get a yield of 15% to 20%, depending on your tax bracket.on a first mortgage investment. Interest is payable monthly, in advance and is completely income tax free. There are no withholdings and no reporting requirements. The minimum investment is only US$1000 with capital investment returned at your pleasure.
    Order Code RMP. Price $ 16 USD
  • Get Out of Banking

    This information package, alerts you to the many dangers of using any bank, located in the USA, or any of its possessions. You will be shown how to get out of banking with US federal controlled banks, and how to locate a foreign bank, to do all your transactions. You will also be made aware of an agent, that can handle all your banking confidentially and safely ,without possible audits and no government jurisdiction.
    Order Code GOB. Price $ 15 USD
  • Check Cashing Service

    Geared for you if you want to cash personal and business checks but not through any US bank. You may also require your bills and expenses paid from offshore by taking advantage of a money order/certified check or banking service which leaves absolutely no audit or paper trails. Money coming in or going out is completely secret, private and confidential.
    Order Code CCS. Price $ 18 USD
  • Domestic Corporation Programme

    If you're in need of a US or Domestic Corporation, for a particular purpose, or to do business in the USA, but want to keep corporation ownership secret. This programme will show you how. You will also learn how to invest in the corporation from your offshore funds, with no tax consequences. Details on the control of assets in the US by a US corporation, and how to start a business in the US are also explained. Many other advantageous aspects are discussed.
    Order Code DCP. Price $ 17 USD
  • Real Estate Listing Programme

    This programme will give you a closing deduction at the time of sale or transfer of ownership. This moderately reduces the income tax to be paid on the gain of sale of real estate and especially as there is no more capital gains break. the sales listing fee is paid to a very friendly listing company.
    Order Code REL. Price $ 18 USD
  • Credit Card Programme

    Designed to give you a credit card for use worldwide. Funds can flow in and out of your account, with complete privacy and secrecy. There is no paper trail for any government agency to follow and investigate. All accounting is done in a jurisdiction not subject to government enquiry.
    Order Code CCP. Price $ 20 USD
  • Business Plan Guide

    This 130 page guide was produced by an offshore banker who has reviewed thousands of loan packages. You will be shown precisely what you need to complete a powerful presentation, that will give you the best chance. The guide gives you step by step instructions on how to produce an exact business plan, that will get you funded. Included is an actual business plan, that achieved $28,000,000 of funding, in a very short period. Only one in ten loan packages gets funded. Make sure yours does.
    Order Code BPG. Price $ 65 USD
  • Offshore Investing Programme

    Lists reliable offshore investment firms brokers and banks, complete with all the details you will need to make contact. One of the primary advantages shown in the report is how to structure your investments, in such a way that they remain completely concealed, and avoid most, if not all, income tax liability on earnings.
    Order Code OIP. Price $ 35 USD
  • Telephone Privacy Programme

    This programme is most unusual in that it offers you complete telephone privacy, for both outgoing and incoming calls. The programme outlines the operations of a fully computerized telephone management system, that provides an answering service, voice mail, call processing, personal phone management, outbound and inbound call distribution and many more features.
    Order Code TPP. Price $ 15 USD
  • Foreign Corporation Manual

    The foreign Corporation manual is designed to guide and instruct you in the workings and mechanics of a foreign corporation. In addition to the written information there are examples of real life situations and the strategies followed to solve them. By flow chart and diagram you will begin to understand fully how a foreign corporation can benefit you. A must if you already have or intend to acquire a foreign Corporation.
    Order Code FCM. Price $ 75 USD
  • US Domestic Corporation Manual

    The content of this manual is similar in style to the Foreign Corporation Manual except that all concentration is on the specifics of setting up a corporation within the U.S.A. The two manuals work hand in glove.
    Order Code DCM. Price $ 75 USD
  • Savings Account Manual

    This programme is designed to give you a much higher interest rate on your offshore cash deposits, than one can generally obtain. There is no withholding tax, no income tax and no reporting requirements. There is total safety.
    Order Code SAP. Price $ 16 USD
  • Offshore Office Programme

    This is a most unusual programme in that it offers a very secret, private offshore office address. One can receive and send mail, and have a full physical office location in a foreign country, outside the jurisdiction of one's home country. This is a real full service office. One's telephones are answered, a private office and boardroom are available when required. Computer and fax service is also available. Staff will meet and greet clients should they walk in unannounced. Office rent, utilities, secretaries, phone, fax, office supplies etc. are included in the available package. Get these details now for your personal privacy.
    Order Code OPP. Price $ 12 USD
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