Private bank account

The most comprehensive Privacy Tool on the net!

For a reasonable cost Privacy World will supply a completely private personal TAX-FREE OFFSHORE Bank Account.

You can:

  • Accept deposits in your private name.
  • Open account with a notarized passport copy
  • Open account without references
  • As an extra device to access funds, an ATM/Debit card is provided to account holders.

We require the information below to establish your account:

Account Name:

This is the name that is in your passport. To be 100% anonymous, you may wish to acquire a banking passport in *ANY* name. See " Banking Passport " for further details.


Required for courier delivery. Please avoid using a P.O. Box, as most courier services are unable to deliver to such address.


The bank needs all those to be able to keep in touch, and we need at least one of three to be able to contact you right upon receipt of online application. For those purposes, email address appears to be preferable.

Account Opening Fee:

The Euro 1,000 fee comprises the handling costs, remote banking software and the courier delivery of documents. Also included are banking codes and/or a Digipass device and/or telegraphic key code tables. Please indicate your preference at time of ordering. Bank opening deposit is normally Euro 400, which you remit direct to bank once you receive your bank account details.

Open Account:

Upon receipt of your online application and the payment from you we will arrange the courier delivery of the account items to the specified address. Courier Airway bill number will be provided to enable tracking of the package. We strongly suggest you obtain our PGP KEY, send us your pgp public key and communicate with us via pgp encrypted e-mail. Alternatively, certified or recorded mail assures privacy of a sort.

Among account items, you will find account servicing agreement to sign and return to us via e-mail as well as the bank's signature card to sign and be notarized.

Privacy yes, crime no! This account shall not be used for any illegal purposes under the laws at the site of the bank.

It's easy to open your account.

Your Name:
Your e-mail:

We are very sensitive to the issues of privacy. Your Name, e-mail address and other data will not be available to anyone else. However, in some cases messages sent by e-mail are insecure and may be intercepted by third parties. Therefore, do not use e-mail to send us confidential information unless it is encrypted as mentioned previously. It would be better to send it in writing. Be aware that a "receipt" acknowledgment of an e-mail message means only that the message has been routed into the Internet. It does not necessarily mean that we have received the message.

To reiterate:

  • A passport copy.
  • recent utility bill
  • bank reference
  • Totally Anonymously...
  • All ordering information deleted by us after our money back guarantee expires
  • Low Cost-easy to Operate via the Internet
  • Wire transfers, deposits, cheque's in and out
  • ATM card provided
  • Get started in weeks
  • Multi-currency account
  • Accept deposits by bank wires, money orders, etc.
  • Operate account direct by encrypted fax, phone, internet, e-mail or mail
  • Totally Anonymous and tax-free account
  • Bank supplied encryption and communication package included
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