Hong Kong Bank Account With No Visit Required!

This is a brand new service we're offering… as well as a new banking opportunity. .


Hong Kong is a World Class Location with world renown Banking Privacy. This first class setup offers AAA Rated banking with an ATM/Debit Card and Internet Banking!


This bank account setup offers superior banking in a privacy friendly jurisdiction.


PrivacyWorld has discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with this AAA rated bank WITHOUT any personal appearance at the Hong Kong bank being required of you.


Let's face it, banking offshore in today's world is a huge pain in the backside with all kinds of due diligence requirements, compliance demands and many lousy bank offerings at best.


In the many years plus we've been banking offshore and the dozens and dozens of offshore accounts we've opened, I'd have to say that Swiss banking were the best, while it lasted.


However all that glitters isn't gold and nothing is forever! Swiss banking went to hell in a hand basket some years back with the most stringent and arcane demands imaginable, thanks mainly to severe compliance demands under penalty from big brother in Amerika. Americans and even Canadian nationals are no longer welcome at Swiss banks. Even as a non-American/Canadian, an account at a Swiss bank today is reported to the US or European and other authorities and/or one has to sign a US tax withholding declaration form. Thanks but no thanks to that.


We've had our fingers on the pulse of bank accounts and opening procedures over many years. Bank offerings come and go, mainly due to changing bank or compliance polices. Many banks in today's banking world require a personal visit in order to open an account and/or a bank reference letter.


After Swiss banking

Hong Kong and Macau banking offers the best banking today by leaps and bounds over all other banking opportunities available, and there are a lot of them as well. You can peruse our bank offerings at http://www.privacyworld.com/3offshore.html.


There was a time not so long ago when one could open a Hong Kong, Macau or even a Singapore bank account without any personal visit. Some year's back we warned clients the no visit opportunity wasn't going to last long. Unfortunately we were right. Now a personal visit to Hong Kong, Macao or Singapore is mandatory in order to open an account... until now.


Enter our Leprechaun; Once again our Leprechaun has pulled magic out of his hat and located a longtime and trusted associate who has agreed to act of the nominee in order to create a Seychelles tax free non annual filing company with a Hong Kong company bank account at HSBC bank in Hong Kong "without you having to appear in person at the bank" to open an account. Read that again "NO VISIT REQUIRED". Needless to say you and only you retain total and sole control over the company and bank account at all times as you will be the beneficial owner.


We haven't been this excited about a banking product for more than a decade. Now you can take advantage of this incredible banking opportunity and get in on the ground floor... if you act fast!


Included is internet banking with a digipass and a debit with excellent English customer service from one of the top banks in the world.


Our Hong Kong no personal appearance banking setup service is a bit more expensive than some of our other banking offers. However at the end of the day you'll have a first class banking setup with one of the top banks in the world in a prestigious world renown banking capital, Hong Kong. One gets what they pay for after all, don't they?


In order to accomplish opening a Hong Kong company bank account the client will need to take the full nominee services.

For this we'll require:
* clear and valid passport copy certified
* Proof of address less than 3 months
* Bank statement
* Bank reference or professional reference will full contact details.
* Business plan of what he wants to do is very important.
* Three names in order of preference one of which should be available for creation bearing in mind the suffix needs to end in Ltd., Inc. S.A., etc.


The client needs to give us as much information as possible so that in turn our nominee can work on it prior going to the bank.

A sample business plan will be emailed upon receipt of a paid order.


The cost, all inclusive, is Euro 6,299; you receive a non-annual filing Seychelles company in your chosen name and a HSBC Hong Kong company bank account including all nominee services.


Some Important Considerations


If you were to fly and stay in Hong Kong it cost you three thousand dollars plus, not including setting up the company and bank account.

Once again we advise our clients and readers that this "no personal appearance" opportunity in Hong Kong isn't going to last forever. Our associate will fly to Hong Kong once for setting up your account, so its first come first served.


Don't be left out on this extremely rare no personal visit to Hong Kong company bank account offering.


To order just proceed to www.privacyworld.com/order_bwe.html

Your product/ordering code is "Hong Kong - No Visit Special" and the cost is Euro 6,299 or the US$ equivalent per http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/


The Seychelles is renown for its company secrecy. Hong Kong is a World Class Location with world renown Banking Privacy. Both locales combined offer you a first class setup that is highly private and confidential, professional, quick and simple. This is hassle free Internet banking at its best!

Here is what you'll receive:


There are no annual filings or reporting required in The Seychelles or in Hong Kong with this fantastic NEW setup.

•A Seychelles Company in your chosen name (annual filings are NOT required)
•A Hong Kong's Company bank account with easy to use (in English)
•Online Banking
•Wires in and out via swift
•Multi currency account, i.e. HK$, US$, Euro, GBP, CHF, AUD, etc.
•US$ and HK$ cheque book
•Passport copy only required - notarized
•Current utility bill (less than 3 months old.)
•Reasonable setup time
•A personal visit to the bank in Hong Kong is NOT required


Your product or order Code is "Hong Kong - No Visit Special" and the cost is Euro 6,350 or the equivalent.


Important Notice - In lieu of Hong Kong banking, we are proud to be able to now offer Macao banking. Although this Macao banking setup may initially appear to be more expensive than our Hong Kong banking setup, it really isn't. Considering the cost of flying to Hong Kong and staying there for a fortnight with hotel bills and other expenses, Macao banking today is a bargain when compared to opening an account in Hong Kong.

In fact of matter Macao banking is superior to Hong Kong banking due to the fact that the banks in Macao gladly accept Americans and other nationalities as clients; does NOT require a personal appearance by the client, no banking references are required and unlike Hong Kong banks, Macao banks are far less likely to kowtow to offshore reporting authorities due to being a SAR (Special Administration Region) of China.

If interested in our new Macau Banking opportunity just click MACAU.


***** Extra Special offer: Hong Kong Virtual office -

You have two options here:

OPTION 1. - Hong Kong Address with mail forwarding from Hong Kong to anywhere. This will be sent weekly by air-mail to the address specified by you.


Available at this price ONLY if you order the above BVI Company banking package, US$999 for the first year (plus US$100 postage deposit.)

OPTION 2. - Hong Kong Address with mail forwarding from Hong Kong to anywhere, i.e. (Provision of a mailing address)
(2) Provision of one telephone and one fax number
(3) Mails, telephone and fax message forwarding

Available at this price ONLY if you order the above BVI Company banking package, US1,499, (including US$100 postage deposit.)

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